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Esqo & Co. is a black-owned, online luxury lifestyle brand and shopping experience for spoiled pets and their dope pet owners. Esqo & Co. was inspired by my miniature schnauzer, Esqobar Qartier aka Esqo, who has an outfit for every day of the week, with the leash and collar to match.


The extensive searching for stylish merchandise and the never-ending compliments on Esqo’s attire and accessories led me to create Esqo & Co. I aim to provide a one-stop, pleasurable shopping experience to dress, house and cater to our pets so we can spoil them in style. Esqo & Co. offers pet accessories, supplies, and home products for an affordable price but keeping style and luxury in mind.

my name is Daye,

and on top of my 9-5 hustle, I am also a content creator and Influencer and I can now add Shop Owner to my résumé.

I have loved animals since I was a child with my toy dogs and cats, because my family were not animal folks and believed they belonged outside. I finally got my first pet, Brandy, a cocker spaniel, as a teenager when we took her in for a friend of the family, who eventually surrendered her to us and she became my best friend in dog-form. Even back then, still in high school and college, with minimal funds, I would lace Brandy in Christmas sweaters and winter coats. Fast forward, I currently have a Chiweenie, American Pitbull Terrier, American Bully, Miniature Schnauzer and even a Maine Coon-mix Cat, all of which stay dripped in fabulous accessories. It’s clear my love for pets and spoiling them runs deep, so when Esqo & Co. was concepted in my mind, it was love at first thought!

It is my hope that you all enjoy all that Esqo & Co. has to bring and join The Clique.

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