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Whether you want to walk your dog hands-free or leash in-hand the "Canine Fine" set is an essential for every dog owner! The double-ended clapses and multiple d-rings on the leash give pet owners a variety of comfort and walking styles! On top of hands-free or hand held, pet owners have the option to go from long to short leads too!


PVC/Biothane, waterproof material.

Durable Nylon Webbing for high tensile strength.

Neoprene lined for extra comfort and moisture relief.

"Canine Fine" Luxury Collar + Multi-Way Leash Set [Gum] | Handheld or Handsfree

    • Collar with glossed accent.
    • Adjustable leash.
    • Sizing -  Toy to XL Breeds
    • Waterproof
    • Strong load pulling force
    • Highly adjustable and flexible
    • PVC Biothane (thick polyester webbing)
    • Neoprene Lining
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